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Best of Riesling Fossil Vineyard

94 points

Falstaff Magazine, Austria & Germany

Only US wine scored at 2017 International Riesling Symposium

Excerpt for Galen Glen from the English translation:

"As a further special feature, the Berks Shale contains fossil sea lilies and thus a source of lime released during weathering. On these very unusual soils, which are also superimposed by moraine gravel from the last ice age, Galen and Sarah Troxell cultivate Riesling.

We have numerous layers of ground, every few meters the ground changes. We are still in the process of getting to know our country," says Sarah Troxell, who just recently changed her life as a pharmacist against a winegrower

After a stay in Germany she and her husband Galen decided - a former mechanical engineer - to give up her learned professions and take over the estate already owned by the family. That was in 1995. The dairy cattle, which had previously been the business field of the estate, was sold. Instead, the couple planted vines - first fungus-resistant hybrid varieties, because the annual precipitation is in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley with 1,100 millimeters is quite high.

Meanwhile, European varieties are also growing on Galen Glen. Just how exciting the Lehigh Valley for Riesling is, implies the "Fossil Vineyard" Riesling of the year 2015, which would hardly be noticed as a pirate in a Mosel blind test, at least not if he were compared to the Moselle wines of a slightly warmer vintage. In that way coming to the taste, the Troxell couple has already carried on the cultivation of another Mediterranean-European variety with 'cult potential': the Gruner Veltliner.

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