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Harvest Is Here. It’s Happening and Making Me Happy

As you all know by now, I am a working dog. I love being in the vineyard, chasing away anything that could harm our crops, and working alongside our crew to provide smiles and comfort. Today, I head out with them again as we begin to harvest Cayuga. Go ahead, say it. It’s a fun name to say. I can almost hear you now sounding like a horn on an antique vehicle. Cayuga is the grape we use in our Winter Mountain White, a very popular wine. When the clusters are ready to be picked, they look like large golden trophies each presenting themselves as if in a televised awards program. I’m so anxious to get out into the vineyard this morning, I can barely write my blog. My paws are a jumble as I share this with you.
This week I wanted to share two links with you:
First: We were named on Linda Murphy’s “Try it before you die” list on winereviewonline.com. Linda Murphy is the co-author of “American Wine: The Ultimate Companion to the Wines and Wineries of the United States.” She is also the Columns Editor at Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, a Columnist at WineReviewOnline.com, the West Coast Correspondent at Decanter magazine, and the West Coast Editor at Jancisrobinson.com and Proprietor at LindaMurphyWine.com. Any canine or human would be impressed by that resume. This canine is honored that Galen Glen would be mentioned on her list. Read it here: http://winereviewonline.com/linda_murphy_try_before_die.cfm

Second: A few weeks back we were visited by Jennifer Glose, reporter for LVB.com. She spent that afternoon photographing the vineyard and speaking with Mom about her recent award of “Best Woman Winemaker.” You can read Jennifer’s article “Grape Chemistry: Schuylkill Winemaker only Second from the East to Win International Title.” Here’s that link: http://www.lvb.com/article/20140915/LVB01/309129999/GRAPE-CHEMISTRY–Schuylkill-winemaker–only-second-from-East–to-win-international-title
2014-08-14 08.33.31
They are calling me to get up and going out to the vineyard, but before I forget…this weekend on Sunday, September 21st Ellen’s Edibles will be here selling comfort food. It’s a great day to get a glass of wine, purchase a great lunch (staff favorite is mac n’ cheese) and drink in the spectacular colors of harvest. I hope you’ll come and visit soon.

Until next time…
Wine wags

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