A Day Late and A Blog Short

By now, unless you’ve been under a rock, you know yesterday was National Dog Day.  I like it. A day to celebrate us–the canines who make your life better.  We celebrate Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Presidents, why not the four-legged creatures who love and accept you no matter what.  The ones who greet you every day like you’ve been gone forever.  Needless to say, I took National Dog Day as an opportunity to take a break from blogging—the title says it all.


The interesting thing about these National Holidays is there are many of them. Many share a day, week or month.  Some get noticed more than others.  Did you know that yesterday was also National Women’s Equality Day?  If you are on social media, like me, I only saw people posting photos of dogs.  Not one of my Facebook friends mentioned a woman or celebrating equality.  It sent me into investigation mode about other “national” days, weeks or months.  I will highlight a few below.


Three of the “holidays” that stood out to me were for the entire month of August.  Did you know August is “Admit your Happy” Month?  It’s also “Family Fun” and “Romance Awareness” month.  This is interesting to me as I believe strongly that we can impact every one of these special days.  Who can’t be happy when visiting a winery? Better yet, try visiting a winery with a member of your family. Now that sounds like fun.  Has romance taken a back seat to other things in your life?  There’s still a few days to become aware and bring a special someone to visit the winery.  Why not try visiting tomorrow.  Friday is a great “date night.” We have Vince’s Cheesesteaks coming for our monthly Food Truck Friday.  Nothing says romance like watching the setting sun while dining on great food and enjoying a delicious glass of wine.  You can thank me later if your awareness of romance is a success.


This week is “Be kind to humankind” week.  You know me, I am kind to humans, canines and felines.  I’m sure glad it wasn’t “be kind to groundhogs” week. I’d be in trouble.  My advice, being kind doesn’t need a special week, day nor month.  It’s something we should all try to do every day.  Being kind to yourself falls under that category too.  Be kind to yourself and others and I hope to see you soon.


Until next time…

Wine wags,