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Words with Clem

Welcome back to my blog series, Scrabble words for wine lovers. I’m hoping that last week you were able to use vinification to impress someone you know.
2014-08-07 23.05.27
This week I’m going to share two new words with you. Again, I’m hoping that you will lock them into your memory and then when you are enjoying a glass of wine and a competitive board game, they will be there to help you score big.

This week’s words:
Veraison – in the wine world this means the onset of ripening of the grape berries. It’s a good thing, it signals that the time for picking will soon arrive. Since I love being in the vineyard, I love seeing veraison start. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this word has nothing to do with the phone company.

Terroir – a collective term for the growing conditions in a vineyard, like climate, soil, drainage, slope, altitude and topography. If you hear someone say, “Terroir in the vineyard” they are not discussing the latest horror film. Terroir affects wine, that’s why you may try wine from a certain varietal at one winery and not enjoy it as much as you do from a different winery.

I hope this week I gave you a few more words to use in conversation or by now you are inspired to start a weekly or monthly wine and game night at your home.
2014-08-14 08.33.31
If you need some extra time to gather your wine for game night, this is your lucky week. We are open six days in a row beginning today. Our Hours are Wednesday through Friday, noon to 5; Saturday 10am to 5pm, and Sunday, noon to 5. But this week, we have special hours on Monday, September 1st for Labor Day. We are open 11am to 4pm. We also have a tour at noon on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (weather permitting), come experience our terroir and see veraison up close and personal. Plus on Saturday, Food on The Roll with Ellen’s Edibles will be here offering great lunch options to enjoy with your wine. Please stop out and see us.

Until Next Week…
Wine wags,

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