I’m Snow Excited

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m snow excited.  Today (it’s Tuesday afternoon), as I write, I’m seeing the flurries begin.  I’m going to make this short so I can go out and play and catch a few flakes on my tongue.  I’d like to share a fact that is often overlooked when you visit our tasting room.  Most people who visit, gaze out the window, commenting about the beautiful scenery.  Many them purchase their favorite wines and go home.  Did you realize your bottle is a souvenir? Yes, I know the bottle is a memory of the visit to the vineyard but I’m referring specifically to the colored labels on the wine.  They are an artist’s renderings of our view from the tasting room during several different seasons and also various times of the day. As I’m looking out my office window, taking in the wintery view, I’m reminded of the labels on our Winter Mountain White and Red wines. Next time you visit, look out the window, take it all in. Then, when you go home, look at your bottles and reminisce about your vineyard visit. I hope you are planning to visit us soon.  Perhaps I’ll see you for our 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off on January 23rd or maybe in February for our wine and chocolate pairings.


Until next time…

Wine wags,