Oops, I did it again!

I know, I’ve now planted a Brittany Spears ear worm.  Today I’m heading to the vet for imaging.  Yes, I know, now that I am a semi-famous blogging dog, many people want my images, but this is something different.  I have torn my ACL. If you’ve been reading my blogs for the past few years, you know this is not my first rodeo.  This time it is the opposite leg. So with that on my mind, writing has not been at the forefront. I’ll give you a quick update on what’s happening here and a few links to some interesting articles.

This coming weekend is the final Taste the Grape, Taste the Wine.  Also, we will hold our final tours of the vineyard for the 2015 season at 3pm Saturday & Sunday.  For more info on both, look at the top of this page, take your paw and click on “Happenings” then “October” in the drop down. Easy Peasy–it’s the best way to see what’s happening any time of the year.

Mom and dad were featured in two publications recently.

Wines & Vines, an industry magazine: http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=features&content=156978&ftitle=Gr%C3%BCner%20Veltliner%20Finds%20a%20Home

Dan Berger wrote an article for The Press Democrat in California.  He mentioned our Gruner Veltliner (which BTW is the grape you’ll taste this weekend): http://www.pressdemocrat.com/lifestyle/4556060-181/dan-berger-all-about-the

Give both articles a read.  I look forward to sharing more next week.

Until then…

Wine wags,