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Golden Days, Golden Sun, Golden Ray, Golden Fun

This week I have had a lot on my mind. The sun is finally coming out and the vines are being pruned. I get to be out in my vineyard, where frankly a golden colored dog is supposed to be—soaking up the golden rays of the sun. At night I do come in and want to rest a bit. I’ve found that sometimes watching re-runs of shows that aired before I was born can be fun and relaxing and take my mind off the worries of the day.

Lately, I’ve tuned into a show with four ladies called, “The Golden Girls.” Maybe some of you have seen it or heard of it. It was a totally new concept for me for four ladies of their age who are not related to be sharing a home. My older brother shares a home with a few young men but they are in college and will start their lives and I’m sure get their own places. All of the older people I know in my family, live as family on neighboring lots, no “outsiders” live here. I’ve since learned by Googling “Real Life Golden Girls” this is a new concept that’s helping women financially keep their own homes after a divorce or being widowed. It’s interesting. I wonder how many of them have a golden yellow dog like me?

I digress, the other thing that has been on my mind this week is our Cheesecake for a Cure event. We’ve been hosting this event for years and each year the cheesecakes get better and better. It’s our fifth year. How does this relate to a TV show about 4 ladies? Well, in the seven years The Golden Girls where on the air they consumed over 100 cheesecakes. They didn’t start eating cheesecake until episode 25 but there was a hint of what was to come when in episode 23 one character was looking for a home-made cheesecake recipe. I’m wondering if that recipe might be one that gets served today during the event to raise funds for The American Cancer Society. I guess you will have to come out and try a $3 slice to be sure.
Why is my family so passionate about helping raising money for The American Cancer Society? Because cancer touches everyone, it’s doesn’t discriminate by color, religion, sex or even breed—that’s right, right now I know of a few canines suffering from this terrible disease. With regard to our friends on the set of The Golden Girls, Bea Arthur, Rue Mclanahan and even Andrew Gold (the author of the theme song) suffered from the disease. I’m sure if you asked all of your friends, there would not be one person who does not know one person who’s life has been impacted by the C-word.

Today is scheduled to be a day with golden sun rays on the vineyard. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with someone you care about and maybe bring a few gold coins (paper money works fine too) to help this stellar cause annihilate a horrible disease. We have some great wines to taste and for each bottle sold we will donate $1 to ACS.

Thank you for being a friend and join us please.
Wine wags,

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