The Dreaded Four-Letter Word

No. Not that one.  I’m talking about SNOW.  You know him or her, our little white, flaky friend that just doesn’t seem to want to pass us by this winter.  Every day I wake up and look out at the vineyard and it seems Mother Nature has sprinkled, or dumped more of it onto the vineyard.  Each day I’m looking for Olaf and the cast of Frozen because the green grass of spring seems so far away.  I’m so thankful to hear that by Saturday and Sunday we could have temperatures in the 40-degree range.  It’s a sign that spring is coming, even if right now it feels that winter doesn’t want to loosen her grip on us.  This coming weekend is the first weekend of the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail’s passport program.  In the event you haven’t heard the news, the passports are sold out.  We are so excited to meet each of our visitors.  If you did not get a passport, don’t fret.  You can still visit the winery and taste our award-winning wines on the wine bar.  This weekend we also will be introducing a new product in our gift shop.  Stray Dog Candles are clean-burning, soy candles with a double-cotton wick made from your favorite Galen Glen wine bottles.  As a canine who loves sniffing, I can tell you they smell spectacular.  Plus, just as I support animal rescues who provide great homes to those who have been cast aside, I support repurposing abandoned, cast-off wine bottles for a greater purpose.   If you want to begin to celebrate spring this weekend, stop by and enjoy another four letter word, WINE.


Until next time…

Wine wags,