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Seize the Day, Seize Some History, Seize the Wine

This week I am truly struggling on a topic that is sure to delight my faithful readers. Do I make a play on words and write about the 50 Shades of Wine. You know them, the terms that people use when they hold up the glass and look at the color of a wine like yellow, straw, gold, hints of green, ruby, garnet, purple, magenta, and tawny. Of course, the list goes on and on and I’m sure I could come up with 50, or even more, but would you care?


This week we have a few holidays too. I could write about those. I learned of a new one recently. It’s called “Galentine’s Day.” Apparently, it’s celebrated every year on February 13th and women get together with their gal friends and do something special. I’m sure some marketing expert came up with the idea to release that 50 Shades movie on Galentine’s Day.


Then there is Valentine’s Day. Some call it a pure marketing holiday propagated by card companies. I do know it is a holiday named for St. Valentine. Here’s a little known fact. St. Valentine is the patron saint of bees and epilepsy. I am not a Catholic canine, so I don’t truly grasp the concept of patron saints, but have always admired St. Francis as he’s the patron saint of animals. Being an animal, it is nice knowing someone looks out for me.  It did get me thinking about other patron saints and who looks out for you, my loyal readers and my winery family. Have you ever heard of St. Morand? It’s rumored that he lived through lent on one single bunch of grapes. Then there were St. Vincent of Saragossa and St. Trifon Zarezan. They are both patron saints of winemakers and wine growers. So it means someone is looking out for my family too. I don’t want to get into the gory details but someday google St. Trifon, interesting thing happened with him and pruning shears, that’s all I’m going to say. Finally, there is St. Urban of Langres and St. Armand of Maastricht, they are the patron saints of all hospitality (like inn keepers and bar tenders) brewers and winery workers. In my research I did learn there are two female saints related to wine, however, they are called upon if you imbibe too much and I know my readers are all responsible humans. But hey, I did not intend this to be a blog about patron saints.


I could tell you what’s happening here. Today the bottling line is running. I love the clankety-clank sounds of the bottles as they get filled, spinning so labels can be placed on them, watching the colorful capsules shrink to fit on their necks. I’m sure you are anticipating the release of this wine, but I really can’t tell you exactly what wine it is or when it will wet your whistle, so it’s not a viable blog topic, sorry.


I can tell you this, if you stop by this weekend, be it Friday for Galentine’s Day, Saturday for Valentine’s Day or the Day after, which happens to be National Gum Drop and National Hippo Day; you will have the opportunity to try our Triple Treat. It’s three hand-crafted chocolate truffles with three ounces of wine for only $3. Over 100 people have enjoyed this special treat since it debuted on February 1st. You won’t want to miss it. We have some other specials in store at the winery, so I do hope you will come and visit soon.


So Carpe Diem, seize the day. Whether you are celebrating friends, lovers, animals or candy, go out and embrace the fun of life every day.


Until next time…

Wine wags,