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Top Ten Things I discovered while searching for Grüner Veltliner in Austria:

10. Speeding is required on the A1 (autobahn), but on smaller roads and in towns, drivers are considerably more polite towards pedestrians than we are in America. I never heard a single horn beep.

9. A very kind Austrian gentleman gave us his car clock, which resembles a learn to tell time toy. There are no parking meters, so you set your clock ahead 90 minutes from when you arrive and avoid all our American coin fumbling.

8. When you fill up your diesel tank, you might wonder why so many cars are parked in the lot. That’s because some the patrons are fueling up on something else,  alcohol at the bar inside the gas station.

7. More on drinking, yes we did see two men enjoying a nice tall refreshing glass of beer at 08:30 (8:30am) breakfast. It must go better than coffee with rye bread and caraway.

6. Bread, rolls, shredded cabbage or white radish salad and even fresh pretzels all contain whole caraway seeds. Hint the “special spread”, which was the only translation we got, does subdue the caraway in breads and pretzels, use beer to kill the rest of the taste.

5. Animals are very weird. Rabbits are huge, deer are tiny and you’ll see well behaved dogs everywhere from restaurants to restrooms to rest stops.

4. If you rent a flat in an old building, keep in mind the first floor doesn’t count. Our second floor apartment was really on the third floor by my American math.

3. Beginning at midnight Holy Thursday, the church bells stop tolling and that was fine. But at 06:00 local children trot around the village shouting and playing ratchets to replace the bells until Easter. Don’t they know we’re on vacation and need to sleep?

2. A Heuriger, which is found in the courtyard of a winery, features tastings of the new vintages paired with cold cuts, cheeses and breads. You can spot the local ones by the tractors parked outside. And be sure to try salad (spaghetti thin strips of ham and cheese), tongue, blood sausage and raw bacon.

1. In a beer garden, even if your goal is to drink as much Gruner as possible, give it up for a bit. They only serve beer.