Erin Reminisces about Troxell Family Christmas Tradition

Since I was a young girl, my favorite family Christmas tradition has always been selecting our tree from a local farm. Even from an early age, I was excited by the privilege to trek out through the field and watch my father cut down a fresh tree. This tradition means much more to me than picking up an already cut and baled tree from the supermarket.

Thus, each year, at the first possible chance that my brothers and I can convince our parents to break away from the winery, my family along with our Labrador set out to select the perfect locally grown Christmas tree. This, of course, never fails to be a blistering cold snowy morning during which we must all bundle up to survive the hours it will take us to find the perfect tree. Every year, my mother pleads us to pick some small scraggly Charlie Brown tree. However, her pleas are to no avail; the rest of us quickly scurry up the hill to the tallest patch of trees. Then, my father stands next to the different trees and extends his arm as our traditional measure for the 12-footer that will fit perfectly into our living room. We inspect each tall giant and mark the ones we approve with a mitten or hat. Finally, after looking at all the different spruces, firs, and pines, everyone but the dog is tired. We manage to come to an agreement on some enormous tree bound to be difficult to get through our front door. My father fervently saws down the tree and drags it down the hill while the rest of us scurry to collect the articles of clothing we had shed on other trees. When the tree is loaded, we gleefully ride home, all the while my brothers and I not taking our eyes off the tree to ensure its safety. Once the tree finally gets positioned, we eagerly set out to decorate it appropriately with the many grape ornaments that my mother has collected.

Create Your Own Family Tradition:

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