Best White Wine by a Woman Winemaker

“Crazy” – that was Sarah’s initial outburst upon learning on her birthday the 2010 Stone Cellar Gewurztraminer was awarded “Best White Wine by a Woman Winemaker” at the Women’s International Wine Competition in CA. Since women purchase the majority of wine consumed in the US, this venue was created to select wines that appeal to women and recognize women winemakers too!

In an unusual twist, the Gewürztraminer actually tied for Best White with another wine. “This was a bit controversial, since both wines received the same number of votes on the second round, and the Competition Masters (all guys), wanted a face-off. In typical female fashion, we judges unanimously insisted both wines were worthy, and why not make two winemakers happy instead of just one? If you want to understand the female brain, there is your biggest clue.” Ness, Laura “What do women Want in Wine?”, Nov 9, 2011,

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