This Dog’s Days of Summer

It’s summertime.  We’ve had the solstice, the strawberry moon, thunder storms and the heat…all signs that summer has arrived.  I know this year it felt like winter lasted forever.  I like summer.  My human brother Noah returned home from college and I see him every day.  I like that.  It got me thinking about my family, in the past and present.  This week I watched Kathy put the roof down on her car and I remembered how my feline brother, Sultan, used to sneak into her car and she would have to chase him out before she went home.  I remember the customers who accidently had him as a stowaway when they left the vineyard one day.  It’s been a busy year for my human siblings.  Calvin received a promotion at work and moved to Kutztown and Erin made the cross-country trek from California to New York.  I was excited that she did stop here to visit briefly.  She’s now a vineyard manager on Long Island.  Recently, the writers at Edible East End caught up with her for this interview:


Summertime means lots of things are happening in the vineyard and I’m out there working every day to ensure no critters harm our crops. Soon we’ll hear the bird sounds that keep them away too. It’s an exciting time to visit the vineyard and join us for an event or tour.  I hope to see you soon.


Until next time…

Wine wags,