Finding My Happiness

What makes you happy? For me it’s days in the vineyard, working hard and nights and weekends sleeping hard.  Of course, I could not leave out food.  Food makes me very happy and I am a bit food driven.  Whether it’s the things I should eat, or the things I should not, my ears will perk up at the offer of food, including the sound of it hitting the floor.


A wise person once said, “You do not find the happy life, you make it.” Boy is that true.  Humans puzzle me. I often see them on a quest for happiness.  I don’t get it.  Each day I wake up, I’m happy.  I’m happy to be up with the promise of a new day and new adventures in the vineyard.  I make my day happy and I think I have better dreams at night for it. So, if I could give you a little canine advice.  Stop looking for that thing, that moment, that person.  You are that person; you determine the happiness factor, not a thing, not an event, not another person.


Now, if you believe like me that happiness is measured in moments in your memory, you’ll want to come visit me and make some memories.  This weekend, Aaron and Marisa from Buy The Farm will be here Saturday and Sunday from 12-4.  They make amazing chips (please drop one—you’ll make me happy); fresh hummus and salsa, sauces and then they bring locally-sourced produce and cheeses to make great snack plates for humans. My family is not happy when I eat a lot of cheese. Plus, if you want to experience the happiness I do every day, join me and Mom or Dad for a walking tour of the vineyard and cellar Saturday or Sunday at 1pm.


My advice this week…Be contagious.  Yes, contagious.  Not with an unpleasant malady but with happiness.  Spread it everywhere you go.  I know when I smile or wag my tail people smile back. Some even pet me.  I bet it will work for you too.


Until next time…

Wine Wags,